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Model Schools Workshop Criteria

Please adhere to the following criteria if you are asking Model Schools to pay for the workshop trainer. Be aware that the districts may amend some criteria in cases where the district pays for the trainer as an MSP-aidable expenditure.
  1. Representatives from multiple districts must be likely to register for training.
  2. Regardless of who pays the teacher stipend, a minimum of (1/3) of the seats must be reserved for out-of-district participants.
  3. A minimum of seven (7) participants must be registered for a workshop to run, if Model Schools is paying the trainer stipend. A minimum of sixteen (16) participants must be registered for two trainers to be paid for a training.
  4. The identified training site must have the software and the hardware necessary to accomodate all participants.
  5. Regionally funded sessions for summer cannot start before 8:30 a.m. Regionally funded school year sessions cannot start before 4:00 p.m. However, these times can be altered if a different starting time is agreed to by all regional districts.

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